All our products are being supervised to ensure their quality. Every process is closely monitored by our trained personnel to bring our customers nothing but the best! And Compact Yarns for high performance in weaving and knitting.

Polyester : Cotton

Blends:70:30 ; 65:35

Cotton : Polyester

Blends: 52:48 ; 60:40 & 80:20

Polyester : Viscose


Count Range

20s to 80sWe use fine Polyester Fibre of 0.6 D and 0.8 D for Super Soft fabric.

SLUBS and SNOW yarn are also possible in the above blends.
For the Luxury feel of woven fabrics, we offer SUPERMICRO yarns with cotton and polyester.


An excellent yarn quality and a perfect customer service are the most important goals in our business.

“Constant quality measurement to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.”